About Araku Aroma Coffee.

Araku Aroma Coffee is a brand of Krish Food and Fun (India) Pvt Ltd. We are first in Café segment with Araku Valley Coffee beans in India & USA The beans from Araku Valley which are procured by Araku Aroma are keenly observe and carefully handpicked growing through a strict quality check, prior going through post-processing steps. It lets everyone to enjoy the ascent to peak flavor. Our Coffee’s are single origin World class speciality Coffee’s. Try our blends to experience the divine feeling. Krish Food & Fun (India) Pvt Ltd aims to give the best of Food and Fun across the Globe. Here comes the new brand of Krish Food & Fun India Pvt Ltd with the authentic Coffees from Eastern ghats plantations, Araku Coffee. There can be nothing more relaxing and tempting, than a cup of steaming hot coffee. If you are looking for the best coffee brand in India, check out our Flavors.


Exceptional coffee can only come from exceptional beans Adherence to high quality standards provides a competitive edge to any company, which is why we at Araku Coffee adhere to all the quality metrics in order to satisfy all the customers with the best aroma of coffee.
In order to produce top quality coffee beans, growers need to do all they can to provide a consistent grade of large sized beans. This means carefully managing their tree canopy through pruning and ensuring that coffee quality – or bean grade – expectations are not conflicting.
Good nutrition is critical to producing high yields of an even grade of coffee bean and positively influence the coffee quality. As a global entrepreneur in providing quality, safety and testing services we have a thorough understanding of the parameters that can satisfy the customers with high quality assurance throughout the supply chain.

Export and Import

Coffee is one of the most widely traded agricultural commodities in the world. There are lot many coffee plantations across India which will be exported to other countries.
Krish Food & Fun India Pvt ltd have already created a niche for itself in the international market, particularly in the Coffee with its good blend and is well received in the international market.
Abiding the guidelines of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Krish food and fun pvt ltd will be exporting Araku Coffee globally.